TestForum 2004

November 30 - December 1, 2004, at Vår Gård, Saltsjöbaden, Sweden

TestForum is an annual event that Nordic Test Forum (NTF) runs every fall/early winter. NTF also runs 2 to 3 thematic events
during a year, but these are focused events addressing basically only one topic area, each in the area of test and inspection of electronics,
whereas TestForum typically has 3-thematic areas and cover the broader balance of test and inspection as well.

This year the number of attendants where around 70 and came from the Nordic countries as well as from Germany, Great Britain, France, The
Netherlands and the USA.

TestForum 2004 comprises three main topics;

  • Functional test including RF test
  • Structural test including updates on important Boundary Scan related standards
  • Test strategies and test economies


NTF04, 30 November - 1 December 2004
Day 1
Time Title Presenter
08:30 NTF Annual General Assembly  For members and all interested
10:00 Registration  
10:30 Welcome/Introduction Knut Båtstoløkken, Kitron

Gunnar Carlsson, Ericsson
10:40 Key Note Session Chairman: Knut Båtstoløkken
10:40 Economics of Testing Michael Wahl, University of Siegen
11:30 Test challenges and Changes Bernard Sutton, Independent
12:15 Exhibition and Lunch  
13:45 Functional Test Chairman: Gunnar Carlsson

Functional Test Objectives and Methods

Hans Högberg, Ericsson

Mixed Signal Instruments for Coherent Test Applications

Johan Olsson, National Instruments
14:45 Challenges in Integrating RF Test Applications  Birger Schneider, microLEX Syst.

Coffee Break

15:45 RF Test Chairman: Birger Schneider

A Modular Instrument Approach

Patrik Stenvard, Ericsson
16:15 Bluetooth Radio Test and Qualification Ragnar Lindholm, Rhode & Schwarz
16:45 Bluetooth test solution Magnus Björk Elcoteq Tallinn
17:15 Fruit & Refreshments  
17:45 News from Conferences Michael J. Smith, Pete Collins
18:15 Should Functional Test Patch the Holes in the Process Control and Test? Panel moderator: Birger Schneider
20:00 Dinner  
21:30 Social get-together  
Day 2
Time Title Presenter
08:30 Structural Test Chairman: Bengt Magnhagen


Michael J. Smith Teradyne
08:30 Using Flying prober and Boundary Scan Saeed Taheri, Acculogic

The Impact of Low Voltage Technologies on In-Circuit Test

Michael J. Smith Teradyne
10:00 Coffee Break  
10:30 Standards Update Chairman: Mick Austin
10:30 Mixed signal Boundary Scan, reality or myth? Pete Collins, JTAG Technologies

Advanced Digital Signal Boundary-scan (1149.6)

Ken Filliter, National Semiconductor

P1500, a Standard for System on Chip DFT

Kim Petersén, HDC
12:00 Lunch  
13:30 Test Strategies Test Economics and Advanced Test Techniques Chairman: Knut Båtstoløkken

Using Boundary Scan Emulation for Functional Verification

Johan Rehnberg, ISS Group

Calculation of Board Test Coverage

Christophe Lotz, ASTER Ingenierie
14:30 Coffee  Break  

Strategist - A Test Strategy Tool

Michael J. Smith TeradyneDavid

System Control of Remote Boundary Scan over I2C/IPMB

Gunnar Carlsson, Ericsson
16:00 Test Forum Close hKnut Båtstoløkken


The first key note speaker was Michael Wahl from the University of Siegen, who spoke about Economics of Testing. Michael gave us
interesting thoughts, based on his wide experience within the fields of Design for Testability and its economy.

Michael Wahl, University of Siegen, Key Note Speaker No 1

Bernard Sutton, now an independant consultant (earlier Teradyne) spoke about the impact of  lead-free soldering on test. This is an
area of retest interest because the EU-directives tells us to get rid of "all lead" in our electronic products at July 2006, at the
latest! Later on in the conference programme, Bernard presented new ideas in the area of structural testing.

Michael J. Smith, Teradyne, was very active and entusiastic during the conference. His presentations included AOI/AXI comments on news and
strategies in the area of Inspection. Another interesting presentation from Michael was about the Test strategy tool from Teradyne,
"Strategist". The software package will decrease the time to market and handle the questions about Time to volume.

From left: Michael J. Smith, Teradyne and Bernard Sutton, Independent consultant

Part of the audience

More of the audience

Bernard Sutton, Key Note Speaker No 2, in action.

Suzanne Holte, the effective Danish secretary from microLEX AS

Bengt Nilsson and Bengt Kralmark, Partnertech, Sweden

Birger Schneider, microLEX and Ragnar Lindholm, Rohde & Schwartz

Gunnar Carlsson, Ericsson, the conference organiser, made the Welcome and

the conference Introduction presentations

Hans Högberg, Ericsson, "Functional test Objectives and Methods"

Hans-Erik Uleander, Saab Test Systems, advocate for a sale

Karl Svedberg and Bo Griphult, Teleinstrument Kontest, part of the exhibition

From left: Knut Båtstolökken, Kitron Development, Terje Sætre, Norautron and Mehrmad Ghaffarpour,
Simrad Egersund

From left: Ole Flesaker, Buskeryd University(NO), Mick Austin, JTAG (FI) and

Birger Schneider, microLEX (DK)

Panel: Michael, Bernard, Mick and Magnus Björk, Elcoteq Network

All presentations was avaiable for the attendants in paper form.

Next events arranged by Nordic Test Forum will be advertised at www.nordictestforum.org

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