Nordic Test Forum (NTF)

NTF is a society for people in the Nordic countries, working in electronics test. It is a forum for exchanging ideas, news and knowledge. The NTF board arranges open meetings with specific topics expected to be of interest for the members. In addition to these meetings, the board also is responsible for the planning of TestForum, an annual conference, usually held in November.

NTF was established during TestForum 2001. A group from the Norwegian electronics industry had just completed a two-year project on Production Test, and the participants wanted to maintain the network. Besides, the British Industry Test Forum was presented at the conference, and the needs of the industry could be achieved by a similar organization.

The objective of NTF is to facilitate a forum where test engineers and other skilled personnel within test of electronics may exchange experiences, ideas and other knowledge with relevance to the technological field of test for the electronics industry in the Nordic countries. Presently, the main field of interest for NTF is production test of printed circuit boards and systems, but we want to be open-minded.

If you are involved in production test, validation test, and inspection of electronics, and your professional work is related to activities in the Nordic countries as a test professional, design engineer, manufacturer, supplier of solutions, consultant, or similar, we encourage you to register as a member of Nordic Test Forum.

Joining NTF is FREE of charge!